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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sorry about my absence! Been really busy here! Private instruction Friday night, Basic Pistol Class yesterday and CCH class today.  Congratulations are in order for my 5 new shooters yesterday and my 5 CCH students today! One of the pleasures of doing this is to extend the legacy of family heirlooms. A family showed up yesterday for Basic Pistol. Father, Mother, and Son. The Father pulls a Colt Gold Cup .45 out of a large worn out sock! Looked to be a late 60's early 70's model. Grade one gun! He says it was his Fathers that passed away the first of the year. He knew nothing about the handgun. In fact he knew nothing about Handguns at all. 

At the end of class the entire Family shot this wonderful Handgun. Bonus for me I got to shoot it! Very, very, nice! Told him how to take care of it and told him that it was a Handgun worth keeping regardless of its provenance. I also told him to get a different gun for home defense! 

Today, I had a really, really, observant student for CCH. I show the "I love me slide" on power point listing the qualifications I hold in this discipline. After a couple of hours I have whipped out a Colt Combat Commander, Colt Detective Special, Kel-Tec P3-AT, Beretta 92FS, and a S&W Bodyguard .380. Observant student asks why he has not observed a Glock since on the "I love me slide" I list that I am a Glock Certified Armorer. I think about it and say that I do not own a Glock. Then I know what is coming up in the class. I tell him that I was wrong, I DO own a Glock! I whip this out of the bag:

He was not impressed! 

Have a great week! Stay safe!


  1. IMHO: If you just have to have a Glock, that's the only one worth having.