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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey! .45ACP Reloaders!

I just ran into something here on the bench. You may have already run into it, but just in case, here is what I ran into tonight.

One of these Blazer casings is not like the other. The large pistol primer that is crimped behind them tells part of the story. 

Lets see whats going on, shall we?

Miked the primer pockets. This is the one that crimped the primer. Then to the other one:

This is the other Blazer casing. It appears that some bean counting dweeb said "Hey, we could cut .002 cents cost out of each round if we went to small pistol primers!" 

It does not stop here, apparently at the last bean counter convention the Blazer people told Fiocchi USA and Federal about the amazing cost savings!


  1. well, I can see the difference with my neked eye.
    very scientific using that caliper and all. I have the redneck version of that tool..a crescent wrench and a tape measure. Ok, I know it's not as accurate, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

  2. This is becoming more and more common. Those who have loaded them claim there's no difference in performance.

    Another issue to be aware of.

  3. Whoa. I have often thought of investing in the equipment for reloading (might get me out to the range more), but stuff like this freaks me out a bit!

    I'm afraid I might make something that will blow up in my face? Irrational?

  4. I've been running into this, too. It pisses me off to no end, not just because of the primer size issue, but the crimping. Either one would be an annoyance, but both? Those cases go right into my scrap metal bin.

  5. @ kx59- I AM a card carrying geek. Having such stuff laying around is expected at stately manor!

    @ TJ- Thanks. I will chrono some with the small primers when I get a chance to load them.

    @ Brooke- Nothing to really worry about! You DO have to pay attention though!

    @ Murphy- Its pissing me off too.

  6. So that's the new enviro-friendly stuff? I only reload for rifles.

  7. @ DirtCrashr- I don't know. I got the brass from the range so I don't know how the boxes were labeled. I know that Winchester is doing the "Winclean" stuff, but I have not run into it yet.

    I do think right now that it is simply a cost cutting measure on the manufactures. I really do not know. I know it sucks for me right now!

  8. 45 ACP with "frangible" bullets (that break up on impact) use small pistol primers instead of large. If you try to mash a large pistol primer into the small hole it'll go bang in the reloading press and, if you have a whole stack of primers in your Dillon 650, the whole stack will go bang and embed the follower rod in the ceiling. (Don't ask how I know.)
    Secondly, military-grade 45 ACP will have the primer pocket edges "swaged" after the primer is inserted. That operation scrunches up the case real tight and slightly over the edges of the primer. You can deprime and re-prime these without unswaging but it's difficult and needs extra effort. (Again, a new primer could go "bang" in the course of events.) I've only seen swaging on TZZ (head stamp) brass but that's not to say no one else makes military-grade stuff. (YMMV)

  9. @ Ed, you win this one! I have observed follower rod holes in ceilings. I do not own a Dillon 650. I have a Hornady press. Yes I needed to feel "different"!

    Thanks for the info!