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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Retro Sunday.. The Outer Limits

I watched this show in syndication late at night on a lawn chair that was my bed at an Uncle's house WAY back then. I also had to drive him home after spending some quality time at a "gas station". The gas station had a simple bar on one end. My Uncle would buy Miller High Life's and sprinkle salt on top of the beer. Pickled eggs and Primrose hot sausages were dinner. He did keep me in dimes to run the pinball machine and a really cool bowling game using a puck. 

The truck was a F-100 with "three on the tree". First time I drove an automobile.  It was a bit challenging! 

And so for my Uncle Andy for understanding so many things here is what I watched on a B&W TV so long ago. I also had the honor to perform the final duty for him, again so long ago. 

I cannot embed the video. I can link it though. 


  1. Ewwww That food sounded Nasty~The beer not so much.(Except for the salt)

    I remember that show too but I must have been a baby WAY back then :-)

  2. Cool memories!

    Hubby and I will occasionally have a Twilight Zone marathon. :)