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Monday, September 26, 2011

You do what you can...

Local media was at the range yesterday for all the wrong reasons. We all do everything we can and still wind up with senseless tragedies like this. How very sad.


  1. Horribly unfortunate. My prayers for those affected.

  2. This is Sad~ My heart goes out for the little girls family

  3. So sad. The cost of a small gun vault pales in comparison to the alternative. It breaks my heart to see stories like this that are so avoidable.

  4. Negligence. He'll carry the regret for a lifetime, and in N.C., he'll be legally held responsible.

  5. Thanks everyone. This one really hurt.

    ASM826, I know, but that is small comfort. This was truly stupid and should not have happened. I take it personally.

  6. Kelly,
    Don't feel so bad.What happened to this little girl was very sad but you do a good thing by teaching kids and adults how to properly use a gun. Infact you sharing this video has convinced me that I need to let Travis take a basic fire arms course..So he will know how to handle a gun safely. And I thank you for that.