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Monday, September 26, 2011

The second thing you do to a new M&P!

After shooting several hundred rounds through it simply this:

Get an APEX sear spring, sear, and trigger spring for it. 

Void factory warranty by beating on it with a hammer and removing parts (click to well, you know):

Sear assembly on the right. New sear lower right on the punch block. 

Then move to the trigger assembly to replace the trigger spring:

Trigger assembly to the right. Ambidextrous slidestop levers to far right. Trigger housing to upper center above the slide. 

APEX provided a slave pin for this and it helped!

Then beat on it some more and you get this:

So now I have a trigger that is MUCH smoother and has a quicker reset. Almost like my 1911. It is worth the effort! 

Oh crap! NOW they tell me to have this installed by a competent gunsmith! I should have read the directions first. 

FTC crap. I payed for all of this, thank you very much!

So I briefly entertained the thought today to audition for the 4th season of Top Shot. Any thoughts?


  1. Define "competent". LOL. Good job! Better triggers are always, well... better.

    On Top Shot, have you read the application and requirements, yet? I know a bunch of shooters that would easily tear that competition up, but just really can't afford the down-time from work and family.

  2. 45er- Don't mean to harsh your mellow, but no kids, no SO. I have the time off from work for 30 days if I need it. I agree. Better triggers are better!

    NFO- I have!

  3. Then get after it! I have a feeling you'd be a serious contender. It would be awesome to have someone to really pull for.

  4. 45er- I already have. I don't know how you make the first casting call based on a short Bio, recent picture and "Why you should be the next top shot". We shall see and thanks!

  5. For some I think they answer "I should be the next Top Shot because I'm a complete jerk". I want to see more good sportsmen and gentlemen like yourself on there. I'm sending over a HUGE good luck to you.

  6. 45er-LOL! I think you are right! Less drama llama and more shooting please!


  7. What is "Top Shot"?

    Good Luck if you decide to go for it.