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Monday, September 26, 2011

Someone is channeling the '80's!

The lovely and always amazing Brigid seems to be going through an 80's flashback. 

So I will play. It has been said that the Eagles chronicled life in California in the 70's. Steely Dan picked up doing it for the early eighties. 

So although I love the Eagles, I tend to gravitate to the technical precision of two people that hired studio musicians   for everything else. Much like The Alan Parsons Project. I know. I dated a piano player hired for "The Turn of a Friendly Card" album. She was amazing. Made me walk in the rain with her. It was never to be, but those were times I fondly remember. 

Here is Steely Dan with one of my favorites from them.


  1. I have gig upon gig of music on my server. 300? 500? I remember looking once.

    A LOT of it is the 80s stuff.

  2. My almost-full 300 disc changer is chock full of '80s stuff. Ah the good ol' days.