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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Range Review- The S&W M&P VTAC

So lets get the big question out of the way. Does this make my rear end look big?

Seriously though I have found this Handgun surprising. Many pundits on the Interwebz decry the sights due to a perceived notion that having 6 dots on the sights "overwhelming" or  "too visually cluttered". I will let my range partner from yesterday handle this. I always think I am the Curmudgeon at large. My older friend by several decades brings it. He LOVES a Colt 1911 and is a firm believer that "Colt's are for Semi-Autos, Smith and Wesson for revolvers". Period. End of story. He even gave me some Blog fodder to take pictures of for later this week.

After warming up with a 1911 we go to the M&P. First five rounds by me destroy the "Q" at 7 yds. from a duh, wait for it, an FBI Q target. I did not take a picture as I had a witness. He goes to it. He is drilling the target. He remarks the pundits on the Interwebz: "Full of S**T, these are the best sights I have ever used". He adds that he can't see! 

The stove pipe issues with the reloads are slowly going away. We run 50 commercial rounds through it with no problem. I loaded my reloads to minimum powder charge and they worked fine on a older M&P Pro series. The fact the Pro had a 5" barrel vs. the VTAC 4.25 barrel and being new is probably the factor here.

Today was tactical training for the coming zombie bowling pin apocalypse. After getting the customers out of the way and the range closed I go back to it. Pins fell, the QEB target had everything ventilated properly.

I will put the APEX kit on it. 

Bottom line? I trust it. I will carry it. It is fun to shoot. I will be carrying with these:


The sight thing is a non-issue in my book. If there is enough ambient light for the VTAC fiber optics to work they will. If not, the Trijicon nights sights will pick up the slack. 

So for now my Colt will live in semi retirement. I must say that I think this Handgun is for right now a worthy successor.  


  1. What butt? The butt end of the gun is bigger~lol

    The new gun sounds pretty impressive. And I like your partners attitude.

    My goal in the future is to shoot a Colt 1911.

  2. I've only had the opportunity to put five rounds through one of those... glad to hear you like it... You second pic answers a question I recently posted on my blog too...

    As far as your rear-end... I'm more curious about your other side and if you carry an extra mag and if so, what in...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. I like it! As stopsign said, the attitude is most important. I've never been someone to poo-poo anything based on theory. I may not like the theory, but if it works in practice I'm not afraid to like it.

    I like the holster. VTAC makes good stuff. I have their sling on my AR and it is so awesome.

    And Critical Defense is great. It's consistent and that's key in defense ammo.

    Man, Keads, it's like you know what you're doing or something. :)

  4. Hmmm..... is it the new thing?

    Sounds good.

  5. Screwem... If you can shoot it accurately in ALL conditions, that is what counts... Due to NPOA issues, I have to 'work' to shoot one of those things accurately...

  6. You know I'm carrying an M&P9, too, right? ;)

  7. SS- I know where some 1911's live!

    Dann- Excellent post idea! Standby.

    45er- Thanks!

    TJ- yep! Thanks!

    NFO- I'll let you try it out when we get together.

    Brooke- LOL!

    Tam- Really? I should have known! Did it get a workout last weekend?