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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But Ma, it followed me home!

I cannot keep it though. Here is a really fun lever action to shoot. The Marlin 1894C. Chambered for .357/.38Spl. 

A friend asked me to clean it and give it the once over.

Disassembled it looks like this for cleaning:

This is a fun rifle to shoot and I guarantee that it shoots Zombie bowling pins dead!

Congratulations to my 17 Basic Pistol and 4 CCH students this weekend! !


  1. LOL, I 'still' like my 94 better :-)

  2. I have an older version of this one, they are fun to shoot. The 357 is deadly out to at least 100 yds.

  3. I just picked up the stainless steel version in 44. Hadn't had a chance to shoot it yet.

  4. Nice. I also have one. (pre-safety) Bought it from an old guy at my church who'd had it for years without shooting it. Turned out to be broken, but I couldn't bring myself to demanding my money back from him so I fixed it and it's a champ now!

  5. From your title I thought you had got a dog :)
    Nice gun and Congrats to your students.

  6. Those are GREAT little rifles!
    I have the same one, and can hit things at 100 yds using the iron sights.
    Very little kick, very accurate, easy to clean, easy to handle, and beautifully made.
    I'm *very* happy to have it, and it's the very first brand new rifle I ever bought.

  7. No puppy - oh well. But at least you can play with the toy for a little while.

    Congrats to students!

  8. Very cool!

    LOL @ zombie bowling pins!

  9. See if the friend will forget it a while...lost pin works. Then have fun. I have one in .44 Special.

  10. Good looking gun. One day I hope to get a good lever action rifle. Was thinking of a Henry in .357 or .44 magnum. That's on my wishlist after a .45 1911, ar15, and Remington 870 combat shotgun and maybe an M14. Gotta have priorities.

  11. John, LOL! Yeah its addictive! I love the lever actions! Can't go wrong with the 870! Or the 1911, or the.... You get the idea!

  12. ...and I think to myself... what a handy pick-up truck gun that would make... enjoy it while you can...

    Dann in Ohio