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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watch This Space!

Whoops! Not that one! That is the pistol I took to class. It is not mine, but it performed admirably.

Watch THIS space:

Oh, clicky to enbiggen.

If the UPS gods are smiling on me I will have something to retire this from carry duty tomorrow:

Yes I have bowed to the inevitable. A plastic gun will be here tomorrow.


  1. whatca gonna do wit de old one...?

  2. LOL- We ALL do that sooner or later, and maybe go back to the old standby afterward :-)

  3. TJ, That 1911 is slowly becoming a Heirloom. I bought it new *cough, cough* uh, a couple of decades ago. It has its papers from the Colt Historian. I would HATE to lose it! I really don't want it to get rained on again or picking up magazines from gravel and shoving them back in it like I did at Blackwater, uh, USTC this summer. I am glad me and the old girl did it though!

    As Murphy's Law says: "Plastic guns have no soul". I will not lament losing what's coming if that happens. I just had to make sure that what is coming is good enough to trust my life with.

    Mr.B- This 1911 will live in semi retirement. Not a safe queen, but not back on the line full time either. She will show up in classes to show people the single action semi automatic. Sadly few students now know what that is.

  4. NFO- I would MUCH rather have the 1911 to carry. Just not this one anymore! If I am going to carry one though, it will have the Rampant Pony on it! I'm old school that way!

  5. "Old Girl" She will be mad at you now :)

  6. Blasphemy! Yeah, I started carry tactical tupperware many many years ago and only occasionally carry the 1911. I'd hate to lose the one I have for even one day, much less let it rust in a police evidence locker.

  7. Heard that Keads :-) But after you shoot mine, you 'may' be willing to look at C&S :-)

  8. SS- She is VERY forgiving!

    45er- +1 on what you said!

    NFO- Now as I am getting ready to post about the new one you tell me this? Looking forward to it! I am sure you will be appalled when you see this one coming up right now!