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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Blogging is light right now. Getting ready for next week. Quite frankly reloading the 9mm Luger has vexed me to no end. Re-size case to spec, no problem. Seat Montana Gold .355 dia bullets to 1.10 COL, no problem. The fact that I can on some cartridges press the bullet with my thumb back into the brass has left me stumped. Some will not seat in the case gauge either. The Interwebz are full of taper/roll crimp static. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated, but I know as soon as I say I have a Hornady press, people scatter and try to shield small children from me. 

So for now I leave you with something obscure. Here is the video from the open house for the Tobaccoville cigarette manufacturing plant in 1986. I was there, I was part of the commissioning team.

The ending is a bit overdone, I thought prostitution was the "oldest and finest industry in America".


  1. I don't know what a Hornady Press is.But it sounds a little x rated to me. lol

    Watched the Video I think I know where that place is :)

  2. Makes me want to take up smoking. I remember as a kid buying old WWII c-rations and the 4 pack of Mall Pall cigarette's in them. No filters. That will make you a real man smoking 20-25 year old unfiltered cigarettes.

  3. Same problem here until I started using Lee taper crimp dies on every rimless straight-sided cartrige I load for. I swear by the things. If nothing else they do away with most of the tedious trial and error of adjusting a seating/crimping die.

  4. Yep, don't know enough about Hornady to offer suggestions, sorry...

  5. SS- I am sure you do know where that place is.

    Duke- Unfiltered Camels were made on the same machines for at least a half century. I do not know where they are made now.

    Jim, the taper die has helped greatly! Thanks!

    NFO- so are you one of the Blue Press people too? LOL!

  6. F.W.I.W. As of 2010 (latest info I have) Unfiltered Camels and Unfiltered Lucky Strikes are churned off of 1 machine in that fabulous Tobaccoville plant (designation 4A6). That's down considerably from the over 30 machines that spit them out 30 years ago:)