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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Knife Thing

Its going around today. You are to take a picture of your daily carry knife. Here's mine:

Case XX 5120R with Stag handles.


  1. Nice! Now I will have to post a pic of mine

  2. Dang, don't have one unless you count the ancient swiss army knife thing in my car.

  3. One of my old time favorites! I have one very similar in my fishing tackle box!

  4. I had a stag-horned Case similar to that one that I carried for a couple of decades. My was white. Then I lost it. I don't know where but it came up missing one day.

    I still carry a Case. It's a lock-blade version now.

  5. Thanks everybody! My Father is a founding member of the Case knife collectors club. He gave me this one a LONG time ago.