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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Retro Sunday.. The promo Album.

My Other Grandmother was a bit different than the other one. Loved the City life. Worked at a old school (now) record store that also had a jeweler, sold electronics, and musical instruments. There were two turntables in the back for customers to preview albums or .45's. I did have a picture of her there some time ago on the computer, but after oh 4 other computers later I could not find it tonight. I know where another copy is located. I will try to get it posted later. 

So back in the day, record distributors would throw these at record stores and radio stations. 

  They would check the boxes for preferred airplay tracks for the radio and simply give them to the record stores. 

Although this one probably has some monetary value because of the "Demonstration Not For Sale" Label, it is priceless to me.

Here is a song from this album.

My Grandmother forced me to explore other venues of music. Not just Foreginer, Foghat, Eagles, etc but Earth Wind and Fire, Mothers Finest, etc. She always had Soul Train on. 

Baby Love:

So when people wonder about the dichotomy I am, I do get it honestly!  

I am thankful for the gift of music my Grandmother gave me in all of its forms. I miss her. 

She stayed up late. I get that from her.


  1. Very cool music!

    Can't wait to see that pic!

  2. I bet you was spoilt rotton by both :)

    Normally, I'm up late (to late) dark circles late. But the last week or so just feeling so dang tired.

  3. She must have been one wonderful lady.