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Friday, September 2, 2011

Scotty, what's left?

Scotty: "Just the batteries Captain". A large violent Thunderstorm rocked stately manor tonight. Currently off of the grid. 

Bad timing for me! I do not get to talk to special people for the first time every day!


  1. You know what they say, "If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him you plans." :)

  2. TJ, yes! I am commenting to you on the Crackberry. I Hate typing on this thing! I think I did not get off on the best foot. "Hi glad you caLled but I am in the dark and watching the lightning" is probably less than a conduit for fruitful conversation!

  3. Keads - We have super filters at work so I can't go to all of the "dangerous" gun sites and have to comment from my phone all of the time. I really need to put a pillow in the corner of my desk since I've been tempted to throw it so many times.

  4. I have used both my Crackberry & Kindle to blog/respond to comments. Neither is any fun.

    I hope your power is restored very soon, sir.

  5. I think some of your storms came this way this evening, but I didn't lose power

  6. TJ- YES! I was less than stellar on the phone!

    45er- We do too. I'm a dangerous gun site? I am impressed! I did not think I was that evil!

    RP- We are back Sir!

    SS- Really bad here but power is back on.

  7. Send Thunderstorm to WEST TEXAS!