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Friday, September 23, 2011

Space updated again!

Several have commented on the fact they like the look of the new gun. Ok, I gave it another look after cleaning and lubricating. On the other side of the VTAC Logoed fiber optic sights I find this:

Trijicon night sights? Really? OK, I'm impressed for the night sights! I have them on my Colt. So I attempt to come to grips with all of this. Plastic gun, plastic holster right?

Fobus paddle holster. I used it at the AFHF class. The holes on the side are for you to index your trigger finger on when you get your firing grip. I am beginning to come to the dark side. 

So plastic gun and leather? Can they coexist? DeSantis leather:


Ok, maybe I was wrong! I am becoming at least tolerant of this new stuff! I DO prefer the leather holster still. The plastic one does shoot fast though! Oh, and less shiny gun stuff on us is always good right? 

FTC disclaimer. I bought everything here. So there! 


  1. Regardless of your choice, it looks good.

  2. Rev. Paul- Thank you Sir! I really do not have any issues with any other "Tupperware" out there. I just seem to gravitate to the old standards.

  3. I thought the holes were part of a cooling system for fast draws?

    I lean towards leather myself.

  4. Leather, better retention... nuff said :-)

  5. Leather is neater. But that still looks cool.