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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A sort of a repost from February this year. The always talented Brigid has an excellent review of the Remington 870 up. A lurker I spoke with tonight commented that "she covered it like a blanket". Coming from my curmudgeon at large I would consider that high praise.  

So after traveling to "Banjo Country" I see more mail:

And then of course I did have to get up close and personal with what came out of the red box (not the one at the quickie mart silly).

Here is the Winchesterburg 500 Super X Pump shotgun out of the box:

Works like it should and although not the sporting type of shotgun it will do what I need it to do. There is an 870 Wingmaster around if I care enough to send the very best!

More importantly it allows me to retire this:

One of my very good friends allowed me to "borrow" this. It did not work reliably at first, but after a new magazine spring and removal of the plug ( a sawed off broomstick), cleaning  and lubrication this thing shot like new!

It is a JC Higgins Model 20 Pump Shotgun. Yep, Sears, Roebuck and Company on the barrel. Over 50 years old and still is a working definition of a "Boomstick".

Here is the Wingmaster:


  1. Shotties work and work well, even better when you actually put 'real' parts in them...LOL Good on ya for fixing it right!

  2. So do you get to keep the Higgins or do you have to give it back?

  3. Brock- Barrel dates can be unreliable. I will contact Remington to get an accurate date, but I think the 870 was made around 1977 at first guess.

    NFO- It is amazing what a little care can do!

    Andy- Let's just say I can get my hands on it if needed. Its not here now though.

  4. Yep, 870's are as reliable as a brick!

  5. Beautiful. . When our schedules all permit another shoot em up, bring her.

  6. drjim- Yes they are! I don't think you could break one unless you had a bandsaw.

    Brigid- You are on young lady! So which one do you want me to bring, LOL!