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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tree.. Train... Stuff....

So I have laid the track and am awaiting the new sound car from ebayness to replace my fried one. I took the time to at least put out the Ford Dealership:

Time is short this year. I do not have time to dress things as well as I should, but you get the idea.

Full video as soon as I have the new sound car!

I will also put a post out on what to do if you want to put a Lionel under the tree next year. First step though is to go get one if you can in a yard sale. Barring that, I will give tips on what to look for on a new one.


  1. That's really cool!
    What scale car is it?

  2. drjim- It is "about" a 1:48 scale. The nice thing about Lionel stuff is even though it is O gauge, there are two variants of it.

    The Dept. 56 Ford dealership is close.

    The Pickup truck on the side is a die cast 1:43 model.

    To the casual observer, nothing to see here. It does become obvious when you put full scale Lionel cars on a O-27 train, but again not to the casual observer.