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Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.....Oh Crap!!!

Back in the day it was simple. Go cut a tree down, drag it into the house and light with non CPSC approved stuff. Or if you took they easy way out you could simply put up the Aluminum tree.

But oh no! Not now! My friends passed an artificial tree to me this weekend. With integral lights. Time is short and so I fell for it. I only needed this to get everything running:

That is wrong! At least I did not have to whip out this!

So after throwing every ornament I own on the tree it still looks sorta uh, sad. Well it does work now and to me the tree is simply an excuse to whip this stuff out:

The track will be running this first under the tree:

A forty plus year old Lionel train. Ground effects will be more impressive than the tree this year! 

Oh, side note. The new Hallmark Star Trek tree ornaments that are battery powered suck. The old school ones plugged into the lights on the tree, these have you load a kabillion watch batteries into them.


  1. yuk-yuk!
    A Fluke ScopeMeter to troubleshoot your Christmas tree lights.
    Now THAT'S overkill.....

  2. Pictures please when you get the train going! Sounds like it will be very cool.

  3. I blew the dust off my 9 inch tree and moved it to the front of the bookcase... I'm done :-)

  4. I've always wanted to do a nice train under the tree.

  5. Heeyyy - that picture with the Fluke 75? That's been my goto DVM for 20-something years. And is that a Spyderco Tenacious? With the exception of the Ideal screwdrivers, it could be my bench.

  6. drjim- Really?

    Andy and Rev. Paul- Will do!

    NFO- heh!

    45er- Not that bad I may do a blog post on the whole train/tree thing later.

    Graybeard- The 75 is my long time goto DVM too. The knife is as you say. Good eye!

  7. WELL.....maybe it's not overkill if you use PWM for the lamp dimmers and have a problem!