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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Model 100 Update!

So for the first time in over 40 years easy, some parts of this rifle are seeing the light of day again.

A testament to the designers and fabricators of that era. So for tonight, a soaking in breakfree. And now a question for you. There was a recall in 1990 for the firing pin. So send this one off or stuff it back in? 

More later! I have a Christmas tree to put up! 


  1. Not a Radio Shack Model 100 home computer.

    I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.

  2. North, how about a TRS-80? Sold them too!

    Brock- yeah I know!

  3. A Radio Shack Model 100 wasn't that many years newer than this gun.

  4. I'd replace it as long as the cost is somewhat reasonable. It's a small thing but if it breaks Murphy's Law says it'll absolutely do it at exactly the wrong time and turn a fine firearm into a club.
    I need to loan you my grandkids. They were asking about the tree 5 minutes after they arrived and didn't let up until it was up and the house was decorated.

  5. Good luck with that tree!

    As for the pin... I guess you could send it back in, unless you feel that it never was too bad... Up to you! :)

  6. Hit either Midnell's or Brownway's site.
    They should list parts for you M100.
    Get a new spring while you're at it.
    That whole 2 is 1 thing.

  7. Send it back, I'm betting it will not be charged for.

  8. Putting the Christmas tree up... ya know... I have two boxes of old Christmas "glass ball" ornaments we no longer use... and plenty of shotgun shells... hmmmm...

    Dann in Ohio