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Monday, December 5, 2011


I am so late to the game for this please forgive me!

So Murphys Law organizes a Blogshoot. I go. How prey tell to discern if it was a success? 

First the range was fantastic. Nice people, RSO's with photo ID's and readily identifiable.

Everybody left with the same amount of holes in their body they came with, no more!

Met great people that enjoy things that go "BOOM".

Started with this:

Came back home with this:

I got to shoot several rifles that OldNFO whipped out and I now must confess. I have not shot long guns at these distances in a LONG time. I cannot at my local range and even if I could, rifles at 25 yards reminds me of several jokes that decorum prevents me from saying here. 
I don't even know what I was shooting, perhaps NFO can enlighten me. First gun I shot as NFO wanders over and invites me to shoot his stuff. All I am thinking is "you better not suck at this". All I know is at 250 yards away there is a steel target. Pull the trigger and "CLANG" is reported back. Hell, that was fun! I really think it was more the rifles than I but that was greatly rewarding. 

So I wander to the pistol range. 

See the two guns on the table? A Colt Python and a custom 1911. Again, NFO whipped these out. The Python? Oh my god, sweet and smooth as butter. Great gun and a pleasure to shoot. The Comp 1911? Well the first shot was ok, squeeze trigger, slowly....BANG! Holy crap! That shot broke quick! Then I would simply look at the gun after that and it would fire! It and I simply did not get along at first blush. Nice gun, really it is, but it and I would need more quality time together to really bond. Probably good thing we didn't. 

The C&S 1911 and I got along famously however. WANT! BAD! 

So still at the pistol range and Proud Hillbilly is working something. A Glock I think. Not sure, as guns were passed around as fast as a plate of dinner rolls all day.


Range Safety Officer comments to another RSO: "I have never seen so many guns in all my life".

RSO asks if he can dryfire one of my handguns. 

Both Murphys Law and OLD NFO have fuller, more detailed reports than I on those that attended. For the other Bloggers I met, it was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing you again! 

I will return to the hills of WV. The company was fantastic. 



  1. Brock, There is a link to the range Web site in the blog.

    TJ- It was worth the ride. I would go back next weekend.

  2. Looks like a whole lotta fun, I've got to make some time to shoot. Unfortunately the weather for the next week seems to fall under the category of "good training".

  3. Odysseus- I understand! I will be at the indoor range for the duration of winter it seems.

  4. Awesome. I'm so glad you had a great time. I have a tendency not to come back with empty ammo cans. I think it is more an issue of taking too much than not shooting enough.

  5. 45er- It was fantastic!

    ML- Thanks! You and I still have some ammo to shoot, right? Looking forward to that!

  6. Keads, the first was an M-40A1, the second was a Marine built M4gery :-) You missed the M-1 and the Winchester Model 70!

    And that bullseye pistol DOES take some getting used to.

  7. NFO- Thanks! Maybe next time on your other stuff. I am so glad someone was there to say "he didn't have his finger on the trigger". That would have been SO embarrassing!

    I will be back! You are welcome here anytime Sir!

  8. I'm glad you all had a good time! :)

  9. Brooke- We had a "ahem" BLAST!

  10. Thanks Keads, I will take you up on that; I can ALWAYS learn! :-)

  11. NFO- Thank you Sir and the offer stands unconditionally.

    When I get to where I cannot learn I will surely die. I am with you on that one!