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Friday, December 30, 2011

Stupid Kindle Tricks

Besides all the blather about it not being an iPad (well duh), I have found several useful tasks for it. See all this?

Instruction manuals for oh, about everything. If it is on line I get the PDF file, if not, I scan it into a PDF and throw it up to the Amazon Cloud. Another bonus is if you get a manual like the ones that came with my camera that are printed on proprietary disintegrating rice paper making them virtually useless, you can transform them to this:

Being able to take to your workspace helps and the bigger print and no bookmarks are just more perks! 

So for the first time the camera was converted from a PhD (Push here Dummy) camera and after some experimentation:


I was able to make the camera do what I wanted it to do:

(Teaser for upcoming review post)

They also have VNC clients for the Android platform. I guess I need to unlock the thing. That would make work a bit easier! 


  1. Yeah, but I'll stick with my Nook... :-)

  2. I'm still not there on the Kindle, but I'm trying out some books on my Galaxy Tab with the Kindle app. Technical and reference manuals are a natural thing, but I consider the real winner to be reading non-technical stuff for leisure.

    Nice camera setup.

  3. NFO- Sigh... OK. Just like guns, whatever works for you LOL!

    Stephen- So far so goo with the Kindle.

    Andy- I have loaded it with several books for lesiure, the problem I have is that I jump between books on it!

    Thanks on the camera setup.