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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

As I look back on the past year I can only say that I am stunned at the response I have had here. I have met many fellow bloggers both in real space and by phone. I am simply amazed at this. 

I live in a small town and social interactions are limited in this physical space. They are surely not so in this Blog space. I am truly thankful for this outlet and humbled that anyone would stop by here to check on my pedestrian activities. 

So for all my friends, if I have not met you yet in person yet I look forward to it this coming year. 

Several Bloggers were instrumental in keeping me here. I was freaked out starting out almost two years ago. I must say that I count Brigid as one.

After casually watching Dick Clark's show tonight I was approaching my "get off my lawn" stance. So I thought I would throw this link up for my blog mother. +1 for the bib overalls and again for the perfect words I think to describe my friend. 

Happy New Year everyone!

As for tomorrow? Well, none of this is going to shoot itself!

Range is open tomorrow!  I felt bad in WV as everyone is all about running the long gun. I think I comported myself well when asked to shoot one, but I am after everything is said a pistol person. It is what I teach and shoot most. 



  1. Happy New Year, and have a great range trip tomorrow.

  2. Happy New Year Keads, and we could use some 'teaching'... Trust me! :-) Enjoy the day at the range, I may sneak out a bit later.

  3. Happy new year, Keads - onward and upward, eh?

  4. Glad to have kicked up some of the same cyber dirt with you too Keads... I must say, Brigid was a definite encouragement too for me to start blogging and it's been great getting to know the many good folks out there...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Happy New Year. Glad to know you, Keads.

  6. Andy- Thanks!

    Supi- Same to you!

    NFO- Hope you got to the range today!

    Brooke- You too!

    Rev.- The only choice, right?

    GGGG- Glad you are here.

    45er- Same here!

  7. Happy New Year my friend. I'm glad you're here and that I can count you as one of my blog friends. May the New Year bring you much joy!