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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Curmudgeon update! Winchester Model 100

So in a previous post I mentioned that I acquired a Winchester model 94 in .30-.30. I told my friend that someone remarked when I whipped it out that it was an "obsolete cartridge". He immediately asked if I invited them down range while I shot an "obsolete cartridge" at them. God, I love this guy! I say no, I don't know if they were complementing me on having a old gun or just being a jerk. 

Anyway, I did tell him that after the last Blogshoot that my long gun game was lacking. So, after some muttering as he disappears for a bit he brings this out (you know the drill to embiggen):

Winchester .243 Model 100. He says many groundhogs and deer fell to it if you did your part. He says several friends that are no longer here enjoyed this rifle as well. I don't doubt that at all. He says it has not been fired in many years and now it is on my bench for some long overdue care. 

Weaver 8X scope. 

I don't think you get stocks like this anymore!

A beautiful Rifle and one that my friend said to take and shoot next time. I am honored and will.

Anyone have any advise on cleaning the optics? Totally out of my league on that! 



  1. "Obsolete", huh?
    I've been in places that did NOT have any of the fancy-schmancy newfangled ammo, but they ALWAYS had plenty of boxes of 30-30 for sale!

    And that model 100 sure is a beauty!

  2. Canned air. Camera lens cleaner wipes. Leupold lens pen.

    The .243 is a great caliber and the old Win 100 is a classic.

  3. I like the stock. No, you don't find those any more.

  4. Very nice. I shot my groundhogs with a '98 Mauser. Sure wish I had kept it.

  5. Here is a URl to see an owners manual for the Win 100 ( and any other gun made ). I have my fathers Win 100 in .308. So far there is 3 generations, that have killed dear with it. Number 4 will be my grandson, this year during the late season in Iowa,

  6. You might as well say that .45 ACP is obsolete as well. That's a proven cartridge and still very effective. It even appeals to the younger crowd that just has to have a lever gun. I got one over 10 years ago just to have one. I love it.

    As for .243, that is a beautiful gun. I grew up shooting that caliber and took more deer than I can count with it.

  7. TJ is right, and if the glass is STILL hazy, it probably means the scope has leaked. Weaver WILL fix it for you, for a small charge.

  8. Lust. Drool. Envy.
    If you take me with you I'll share my Swedish '96.

  9. drjim- Thanks! And true on that!

    TJ- I'm all over it after getting the gun cleaned up! Thanks!

    Andy- Thanks. I think the stock is fantastic.

    BT- Thanks!

    NFO- I did not know that Weaver would repair. I don't think it's that bad but we shall see after I get the rifle cleaned up.

    Strech- Deal! See you next time in "Banjo Country"!
    45er- Thanks for that. My friend says it did its thing in the day.

  10. Very nice. I love the craftsmanship on old guns!

  11. IowaJoe- Thanks!

    DaddyBear- Thanks!

  12. A year late and a dollar short, but that's a swell rifle!
    Nothing *tactical* about it either!

  13. Stock stinks, stamped by a machine. Complete opposite of what you want in a quality rifle. Good example of the demise of fine gunmaking.

  14. Stock stinks, stamped by a machine. Complete opposite of what you want in a quality rifle. Good example of the demise of fine gunmaking. I have one....its going to be turned into something better via trade or sale.