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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lowe's stands by decision to pull ads from TV show | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

So now this. I now refrain from commenting on politics here but Lowe's is based in my home state.

Good on Lowe's.

Good. How dare Congress critters try to dictate to private companies how to conduct business. If you don't like the decisions Lowe's made, don't go there. 

How did we get to this state? What the hell happened?  

Vote them all out!

I went Christmas shopping today:


  1. That was noble enough that I will now stop calling them Blowes.

  2. Agreed Keads. I'm definitely shifting some of my business Lowe's way as well.

  3. I've *always* preferred Lowe's over Home Depot.
    This will just reinforce my decision to buy there.

  4. Good on Lowes!

    And HOW DARE Congress try to tell Lowes where the can and can't spend their advertising dollars? Will it soon be mandatory to give to Islamic causes and propaganda?

  5. North- I have always liked them better than HD.

    Six- Thanks.

    drjim- Thanks.

    Brooke- AGREED!