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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Range Report!

So today I take this stuff to the range:

Top to bottom the S&W Model 28-2, The Browning BDA-380 and the S&W M&P. The Highway Patrolman was a big hit! Ran some Speer .38 SPL +P's through it. The Action was "as smooth as a mouse's ear". The Browning is as good shooting as it is looking. 

The Highway Patrolman left its mark on the triangle, the Browning on the #2 target. Both are fun to shoot and created much conversation today at the range. I was asked "How many guns do you have?" I said "right now, three". 



  1. We have a bumper sticker magnet on the gun safe that says, "If you know how many guns you have, you don't have enough"...

    The Browning is nice...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. The stock answer of any man with a daughter to the, "How many guns do you have?" is "Not enough."

  3. Your kind of in an S&W rut these days, aren't you?


  4. Very nice shooting! Gonna have to start calling you Tex :-)

  5. GGGG- LOL! Thanks on the Browning- It is a good looking and shooting pistol!

    Odysseus- LOL!

    TJ- Enough so that I bought the STandard Catalog of S&W last week! Never fear, more Colt's on the way!

    NFO- Well it was at three yards, right? LOL! Ten yards on this target.

  6. Right now, three. That's hilarious!

    Nice groups. :)

  7. @TJ - S&W is not a rut!
    Nice 28-2!

  8. Thanks Brooke!

    GIA- Thanks! Great revolver!