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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light a Candle

So the Brady Campaign thinks that by lighting a candle today "gun violence" will be brought to the forefront of issues. Weer'd suggested another idea. Here is my late contribution, and I would have forgotten except for Brigid's excellent post today.   

Here is my contribution:

As far as lighting a candle to stop violence goes, I thought long and hard about the picture you see. Over 125 years of evolution of a tool, one that allows the weak to stand against a predator. There is a reason for this. I encounter victims of violence that have had their lives shattered by two legged predators that have no regard for the law and view others as prey. 

Ask one of my students in my Concealed Carry Handgun class if lighting a candle would have stopped a predator from beating her all day. I think it would have been just as effective as the restraining order issued against him. I think her response is much more appropriate now. 

Many gave their lives to defend our way of life. How sad to think many now are of the opinion that lighting a candle will do anything to ward off evil.   


  1. Thanks TJ! "Well said" is not usually what I hear!

  2. Only if the candle was used to ignite the gasoline covering said scum while he slept, high speed lead injection seems more effective.

  3. Odysseus- I still cry when I read her story on my Blog and I agree with you. The only thing now is that she will not be a victim again.

  4. Odysseus. I could not agree more.

  5. The only lit candle that will be in my house if ever an intruder enters will be if I need one to see where he fell after I shot him...

  6. How sad indeed - and well said too - that so many would resort to defenselessness and magical-thinking to ward-off evil.

  7. NFO- Thanks!

    Brooke- Yes I concur!

    PH- LOL! Well said!

    DirtCrashr- Indeed.

  8. Great pic, Keads. I'm just getting around to looking at all of the pics. It's a project unto itself just viewing them all. It's great.

  9. 45er thanks. Not a great pic. I have done better. This one was in haste.

  10. As was mine. I had all ideas and no time this weekend. I guess I was "all hat and no cattle" for this one, but the community still came through in spades.

  11. Apologizes to JP- I fat fingered something. Here is your comment:

    "JP has left a new comment on your post "Light a Candle":

    My favorite uncle told me;”I’d be judged by the company I kept and the things they did”. He would consider me to be as fortunate and privileged to have a friend with your intellect and insight as I do.
    I consider flamethrowers as a better use of fire to dissuade acts of violence over a lit candle any day of the week."

    JP- To my friend of over many years I say that I am humbled and proud to have you as a friend. Even if I give you grief over the latest mod on your pistols!

  12. 45er- It was a great pic and it's the thought that counts!