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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Really Wish Colt Would Figure it Out!

So I just got off the phone with a student of mine shopping for a more concealable option than her Glock 26. I don't hear this often: "You are awesome!" I'll take it! Its not about the money its about giving people the freedom to take back what is theirs. They just need to see it.

So tomorrow out to the range to let the former (current) student test drive some stuff. It got me thinking. 

I went shopping today. For a pistol. Colt's? Nowhere to be found except on the used counter.

I know Colt has released the .380 Mustang Pocketlite again. I wish they would do the same for the Mustang Plus II. I hear people today saying "Colt? Who's that?" I have to say I understand where they are coming from. Hell I have Firearms older than them (sigh). There is over a hundred years of small Colt's in the picture above and yet it matters for nothing in the mind of today's consumers.

Hey Colt! Wake up or you will become another side note. Sad really. 


  1. Since I haven't shopped for a handgun in mumble years, had no idea that Colts were so hard to find. That's sad.

  2. Yeah, they've 'transitioned' themselves out of the commercial market, and that is a shame. Hoping the changes in the company might reverse that!

  3. I too hope they rethink their business plan. Seeing a bunch of colts on a counter ready for a home, is a wonderful sight.

    1. Yes it is! The ones I see on a counter now when that happens are a bit out of range though now.