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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Uh, no

The happy CFL's provided by my power coop did not live up to this claim. I will now dispose of a hazardous material. Sigh....

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  1. Isn't there small print on those things that actually clarify that the claims only are valid if, basically, you keep them off a lot?(I'm serious. Seems I heard something about those long life claims recently.)

  2. I've given up on CFL lamps. They have NEVER lasted even as long a good old lightbulbs here, and some of the cheap ones generate horrible Radio Frequency Interference.

    I've bought some LED lamps, and so far they've outlasted the CFLs, but I'm not happy with the color temperature. They're too "blue" for me, but my wife likes them because they REALLY light up the area, and draw very little power.

  3. Ah, just chunk 'em in the trash. It's good for the environment. I'm with drjim, I like good old regular light bulbs. Stock 'em deep.

  4. I was not happy at all with the CFLs I bought a few years back. Quality of the light was crappy, and most of them died before their project life. I think I have two or three out of the original ten that are still working. Waiting for better LED tech and price.

  5. I have "heard" of an interesting way to dispoe of these cfl bulbs, first you need to find the location of your local EPA office, then on the weekend you take them to the front door and smash them on the steps. They have all the special equipment and gear for the clean up right there!