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Monday, November 25, 2013

There is an APP for that!

Ok, this is flat out cool if it actually works. The new fire alarm at work? Yep there is an app for that!

It would beat running to an Annunciation panel to see whats happening!


  1. That would be handy as all get-out! Wish mine had an app. I have to run 200 feet, and down two flights of stairs, just to see what's happening.

  2. awesome. As long as the wireless doesn't happen to be near the source of the fire.
    I know, I know always the negative nellie. It's just that Murphy has been my lifelong sidekick.

  3. My sister and daughter tell me there's an app for EVERYTHING...

  4. The only problem I see with this, is it being exposed to the network. What sort of attack surface does it have that could be exploited. Turn off the alarms remotely? Cause false alarms? This could be bad quickly if their security is not up to snuff.