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Friday, November 8, 2013

I Understand

Running a small aircraft in less than favorable conditions and your life and your best friend's is on the line I understand. The fact that the endeavor is not mandatory even more so. Taking to the air or sea there are many things that will try to kill you even if you think you have thought of everything.

No matter. Although I'm saddened, it did force me to get the guest bathroom back into full service and pick the place up a bit for a four legged thief! 

I do have this luxurious accommodation I prepared however.

I await the first frost here and will take this for a test drive tonight. 



  1. Well Murphy and I appreciate the effort, and this morning, at least one of us is wishing that we were down there. (The other one just wishes he had another dog biscuit.) Enjoy the air show.

  2. Was that murphys bed or his humans

  3. Looks cozy, K.
    We're thinking we might have enough winter down here this year to actually light up the fireplace. If not, I'm going to put a 32" flat screen TV in the fireplace and loop a fireplace video just for the ambiance.