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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Airshow Update

I heard a lot less radial engines at the house this year and noted a general lack of noise coming from the airport today. The skies were overcast and cloudy but they are forecasting better conditions tomorrow. 

In the meantime, from a previous show here are some pics of a B-25J "Briefing Time":

Hey look! Non politically correct nose art to boot:

 More about this aircraft here.


  1. So the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is in Reading, PA, eh? I did not know that. It's just a couple hours' flying time from permitting, of course.

    Hoping you have a great day tomorrow. Jealous here. Take lots of A-26 and Corsair pics, please.

    1. I will do what I can ML! Camera batteries are charging now. I will have to go shoot in the afternoon too.

  2. Hi AD,
    First ya' hear the whine of the starter along with the clatter of the valves sucking in 80octane then a couple of snort, pops, a cough or two with a belch of smoke and maybe a few plumes of flame as the "Round Engine" comes to life!! That sound!! ..Missed Reno this year, maybe next.
    Blue Skies,

  3. Beautiful! All of it, (including the nose art). The airshow here was cancelled and that looks like long term, so I'll have to go elsewhere for my radial engine fix. Thanks for sharing!