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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanks Lucas, Uh FoMoCo!

So returning home from the range last night after CCH class, I pull on the trusty headlamp switch on the 1994 Mustang. I get headlights but no dash lights.  It should have dawned on me if the dash lights were not running, the parking light circuit was dead. That includes the tail lights and side markers. Yep! They were out too. 

So after consulting the Lucas prince of darkness fuse chart I get to it. 

Some research showed this is a common problem for the SN95 Mustang. Hmm... So after hearing some 20 year old plastic break we get to this:

I think I have found the problem! And yeah that wire just hanging up there above the connector to the headlight switch came out of it! The LED is the after market alarm indicator. 

It must be a big problem if the local auto parts store keeps this in stock!

Yeah, I know I'm using crimp connectors instead of soldering the connections. Its a well protected place with little vibration. I'm cool with this for my daily beater! I have already transferred the mounting bracket to the new switch and pigtail. Of course the wire colors don't match up so its going to be by location on the connector. 

Sigh... I really can't complain too hard for a 20 year old car coming up on 218K and has been totaled once though. 


  1. Lucas wiring - why the British drink warm beer.

  2. I know it's a pain to replace, but doesn't sound too bad, all things considered. Glad the local store stocks the part!

    1. Nah, it was a easy job and as you said, having the parts was awesome!

  3. Yikes! It ain't just Ford, my C3 Corvette had more electrical gremlins than a 60's vintage Jag.

  4. I'm amazed it's lasted this long!

  5. spelunking in the dash. Going where few have gone before.
    Easy? maybe the last bit where you replaced the part.
    Getting in without breaking every bit of plastic between you and the culprit requires cunning and experience. ;)