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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Well, Science, I guess!

It appears I can no longer adjust my stereo to my preferences. Nope! You have to stick a microphone in your room in SIX places and let the receiver do its thing. Well I'll play.

The first thing I noticed was the old Boston Acoustics in the back of the room spoke up with authority. In fact too much so. I'm used to having the sound stage up front, not totally immersed it the sound!

Here is the BA hanging in the entry to the kitchen.


Here is the back of it from the kitchen.

Here is one of the front channel sub woofers and main speaker.

So after doing all of this I must say I cannot fault the computer. What used to take skill and knowledge was simply reduced to an algorithm. The thing will even show you it's work.

 I totally agree with the curve 20Hz to 20KHz. for the rear channels. Left side is the open space in the kitchen, the right is jammed into a bookshelf in a corner. The thing boosted the bass on the left side and suppressed it on the right. It seems all the stuff I work on is trying to put me out of a job! 


  1. My Onkyo receiver has the same feature, but you only place the microphone in one place.

  2. Ah yes, algorithms... Can't live without them, can't shoot em... ;-)

  3. My system uses a single mic in the center of the room. I'd rather do it myself, though.