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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Should be Fun!

So having become thoroughly fed up with my VOIP and Internet provider recently, I have chosen to kick those that shall not be named *CoughTimeWarnerCable,Cough*, to the curb. I opted for GTE, Verizon, Frontier to provide POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), high speed interwebz, and long distance service to stately manor. 

There is a problem though. I was too clever by half when wiring the casa in 2006. I now need to find my notes to move back from a cable based service to CAT 5e distribution. 

I still need to provide service to the old phones, backup to the alarm, and well, still make phone calls to annoy my friends occasionally (friends, you have been warned).

I accept the challenge because loosing over half the cable bill monthly is worth it! 


  1. We have Frontier DSL... the only game in the country... out here... get about 1.5MB download... not great, but better than nothin'... no more internal wiring... run everything, including the Sony flat-screen, off Wi-Fi...

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Dann, I have uh, issues. I will keep a dedicated landline for a backup for voice and modem stuff. Frontier has competition here so I hope they do what they said they would. I have my doubts though as they are the last nationwide copper based service the bought up all the smaller co-op's and anything else that was not AT&T. My problem is in the way I set the wiring up in the house for a cable modem as opposed to a copper wire one. I SHOULD be able to do this without much grief. We shall see!

  2. I had to go the other direction - Frontier had gotten so that I couldn't work or watch Netflix after 4 pm or on weekends. Which I sorta found unacceptable.