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Friday, December 20, 2013

Tech Update!

Well I got this about 30 minutes ago from the brown truck of happiness. 

I'm in the tech biz but I had to back up for a moment and be stunned. One day delivery from an Internet order. A 1 TERABYTE hard drive for my computer?!?!

Lets put this into perspective. 

The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Module had a computer that had 2K of memory. I have for under 80 bucks a TeraByte harddrive. The numbers look like this:


I continue to be amazed.Take a look at this old school pilot fly his craft even when the computer is telling him that it can't handle it.1202 Alarm.


  1. i've been using 4TB drives at work.

    the amount of data one of these things can hold is astounding. absolutely astounding.

  2. Particularly when said 4TB drive fails.
    Get another one K, and back up to it frequently.
    It will take a while, but eventually you will arrive at the hundreds of GB of data stored.

  3. I love living in the future. Now if I can just get my television to read something other than FAT32, I'll be happy.

  4. Yep, things have changed a bit...

  5. I just bought the very same drive for my wife's computer. Her old one died. Amazing drive at an amazing price. Also, bought a 2 TB for media. The total storage I have at home is now 7.5 TB.

  6. I have two TB backup drives at work, even though my PC is only a 500GB model. They were under $100 each, even two years ago when drives that size were relatively new.

    Remember when a 40MB drive seemed huge? :)

  7. I started in the earliest days of home computers. I had an S-100 bus computer with a cassette interface before my Commodore 64. Oh, the stories.

    So, yeah, having a desktop with a Terabyte drive in it is astounding, not to mention all the other great tech toys.