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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shotgun!.... Stuff

So Mrs. Curmudgeon runs across this during an estate sale.

I'm smart enough to figure out is was for a front stuffer something and little more than that. The horn holds the powder, the wood on the right measures it and the piece of wood on the front in it's own holster measures the shot.

The gourd holds the shot. I took it to my friends home in tidewater VA. I got an expert opinion real quick! It was made out of a tire. I should have seen that! Then on to other matters.

Here is the wadding for a powder shotgun! Newspaper! In the bottom of the pouch. 

Love it! Then here is the thing. I'm more scared of these than anything I have in the house. 

Including these!

So glad to have this piece of history here! 

Anyone have a blackpowder shotgun? I have the stuff for it! 


  1. Oh... NEAT and yeah, be real careful with those caps... :-)

  2. That is awesome!

    You need to go out and buy an old black powder shotgun now, even if it's just to hang on the wall with that gear bag.

    1. Thanks! I might have something around here =)

  3. We had a black powder shotgun which my great-grandfather carried in the War for Southern Independence, but it perished in a fire (along with the gunsmith shop it was residing in, for repairs) several decades ago. I used the powder horn which he made, for over 20 years, but it didn't survive our move to Alaska (getting crushed during shipment). I nearly cried over that.

  4. +1 on Old NFO's comment, truly NEAT. Tre' cool.