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Monday, December 16, 2013

Peter Sent Me Down the Rabbit Hole Today!

And it was a good thing. In his post over at Bayou Renaissance Man he commented on ammunition developments since the 1986 FBI shootout. I wandered off after reading his links and downloaded this book:

Very eye opening. I read it twice. If you get it be aware that it has actual autopsy photos and ex-rays of the two perpetrators of evil. The human body is a wondrous machine for both good and evil.

Here is the FBI training video that came out of the grievous loss of two Special Agents life's with three more with critical injuries and two more injured. 


Thanks Peter! Sobering material to be sure. 


  1. Eye opening is right... And an object lesson to all who think the magical one shot stop works...

  2. Couple of other things I took from this were:

    1) Respect the kinetic energy of moving vehicles, given the number of agents who lost guns or glasses when their cars hit various things. I also have to wonder how much this shook up their response.

    2) Seems like what you have on you is all you can really count on, it doesn't matter what gear you have nearby if something develops too fast to get to it.

    Of course in my personal civilian rank armature case those thoughts are gonna have to be processed quite a bit to fit in usefully.