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Friday, October 7, 2011


Very few seem to peek into my personal life or comment on it when I throw it out here. OK, I understand. I see what gets the hits and comments. 

So a longtime friend shows up tonight and asks if I want to go to the big honking Gun store tomorrow. Actually yes I do need to go there to check out some safes. There is only so much you can find out about them online. You need to go see them. 

So I ask the person that won the last Bowling Pin competition at the range what should I wear? Not asking about slacks or jeans, oxford shirt or Henley. New S&W or old school Colt M1911. 

We are going to a bad side of nearby Metropolis. He said: "go old school". OK. I am. I also told him I AM NOT going to buy a gun tomorrow. He laughed. 

So for tomorrow old school it is. 

  We will see if I come out with the same amount of guns I went in with!


  1. LOL! You better leave your wallet at home.

  2. Guns are like chocolate. So many temptations, so little time.....

  3. A good 1911 is appropriate for any occasion. It's the little black dress of the gun world. :)

  4. Brooke- I had to carry my wallet! That is where my CCH permit is, LOL!

    Supi- Indeed!

    TJ and 45er- Yes, it is the LBD!