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Friday, October 21, 2011

UPDATE! Not a safe queen....

It shoots great! What a wonderful time that was:

Here we have a Fabico Model 6  8 shot .22LR revolver. Rode hard and put up wet. No one will start a bidding war on this one. It has special meaning to me. My Grandfather carried it. It showed up here recently over 20 years since my Grandfather passed away. I am told he was quite the shot with it, dispatching vermin with great skill. I sadly have little memories of this.

So tonight, I checked it out. Cleaned it up a little. You know I am going to shoot it tomorrow! Cylinder locks up tight. I get a good indent on snap caps. 

So tomorrow I will shoot this mans pistol.

Ace (my grandfather) is on the right. 

So a piece of steel and some plastic can bond generations. I look forward to shooting my Grandfathers pistol. I know stories still told today about him and this pistol. I am honored to pick it up and shoot tomorrow with his gun and to have it here. Monetarily to many it means little. In memories it is priceless to me. 


  1. Great story!
    I *would* have had my Dad's GI Colt 1911, but my sister, in her liberal days, GAVE it to the police after Dad died because "NOBODY should haves guns except the police and the army".
    Dad carried that old war horse all through the Pacific, and it was the first "real" gun I ever fired.

  2. drjim, Damn! That is a sad story. I wish that you could have that old girl back! If it helps, there are many really great guns I remember that will probably never see the light of day here again too. I even have the boxes for them.

    Pacific? That was a hard row! Thanks to your Father for his service.

  3. He had some great stories.
    He was in the SeaBees, and they usually went ashore right after the Marines, sometimes alongside the regular Army. Had to get stuff built you know. As we both got older and I started asking more "adult" questions about it, he kinda clammed up.
    My sister still has all his ribbons and medals, and one day she'll turn them over to my son.
    On a brighter note, as she got older she got more conservative. I hear her say things now that she never would have said back in the day.

  4. Great story, enjoy shooting it!

  5. I think it is a beautiful gun, and the story that goes with it...agreed - priceless.

    Enjoy connecting with your grandfather tomorrow. *hug*

  6. Nice Keads. And the lineage of that pistol goes on.

  7. Nice story Keads. Hope one day my grandkids (hopefully I don't have any too soon)will be shooting my guns.

  8. Nice, reminds me of my Hi-Standard Durango. High capacity .22 wheel-guns are a pleasant way to spend hours on end.

  9. drjim- Thanks for that. I know that most will not speak of the horror that befell them them. Perhaps there is hope for your sister!

    NFO- Thanks. I shot it and it was great!

    Maura- Thanks for that!

    Six- Yes, the lineage continues!

    John- I hear you on that.

    Odysseus- Yes they are and welcome!