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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Seventies. I survived.

Here is a mashup video of the original "The Price is Right". Aside from the lovely Anitra Ford what do we have here?

"A NEW CAR!!" Actually two Vegas, two AMC somethings, a Vette, a Maverick, Triumph, and VW Thing.

Somehow GM actually figured out how to make a car out of compressed rust and a self destructing engine. That was the Vega. AMC, I'm not even going there. Triumph electricals were by LUCAS, prince of darkness and walking. The Maverick, I'm not touching. The Thing, well a floating car is cool, but not really one of my design criteria for a land vehicle. 

Of course we have The Spiegel Catalog (Chicago Illinois, 60609) yes I still remember the ZIP code. 

Harvest Gold Washer and Dryer, CHECK! Avocado Green refrigerator, CHECK! My parents had one and it DID serve admirably. In fact I think it was the same model. Retired about ten years ago.

Teledyne Packard Bell Television? Got it!

So thankfully someone replaced the soundtrack with time period correct music. It wasn't all bad back then! 

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I did survive:

Me, 1978! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. The VW Thing had great off-road capabilities and a beefed-up suspension. Simple, reliable and economical, it was a survivalists' dream vehicle before survivalism really went mainstream. I'd have snapped one up in a New York minute back then.

  2. I spent most of the '70s in the Navy, but you've sure brought back some memories here. Thanks.

    I think.

  3. Great post Keads. I also survived the 70's though I'm not brave enough to post my picture.
    I had a Vega. Yep. My mom had a Maverick. I couldn't pick the worst. They're dead tied in last place though the Vega may have had thinner sheet metal. I gave it to my grandfather and in his 70's he pulled the drivetrain and dropped in a smallblock and TH350. No kit, all backyard engineered.
    They definitely weren't all bad. I mean I married Lu in 78 so something must have gone right.

  4. Ah, the seventies, era of great music and hideous colors. I'll take the copper Revereware, everything else not so much. A friend had an AMC Gremlin - what a piece of junk, even new. And if I remember right the synonym for The Thing was "death trap". Triumph is nice looking car but LUCAS wiring is why the Brits drink warm beer...

  5. Ah yes... the 70's and those Vegas with the Cosworth motor were FAST!!!

  6. I wouldn't mind going back for a bit. I had a great time... Freshman year in highschool was 1977 :)

  7. I survived, too.
    Had a 1973 Vega GT "Kammback" station wagon. Handled beautifully, like a little Z-28, was Ziebarted, so no rust, and I came *this close* to putting either an "Iron Duke" or a V-6 in it after the THIRD motor GM paid for melted down.
    The father of one of best Hot Rod buddies ran a Pontiac dealership, and owing me a few favors, got a FOURTH motor approved by the GM Zone Rep.
    I sold the car as soon as I was sure the replacement engine would last more than 50 miles!

    BTW....gorgeous babe in the video!

  8. ML- Yeah I hear ya, but I dated someone that had a Bug way back when. I hated that thing! Windshield washer powered by the spare tire? Heat levers simply directed exhaust into the passenger compartment? You didn't really get warm, you just felt warm!

    Rev. Paul- If I have not said it before, thanks for you service! Yeah, I think too! Maybe.

    Six- It as you say was not all bad! Congrats to you and Lu.

    PH- LOL! You are correct! LUCAS truly sucked!

    NFO- Yes the Cosworth Twin Cam Vega was fast! Too bad they disintegrated!

    PISSED- I had some good times too.

    drjim- Great story! Thanks for that. Yes, I agree, She was fantastic!

    Brooke- OK, I will give you a pass on this one, LOL!

  9. Nice sideburns! I'll bet you were a real chick magnet with those babies.

  10. sbrenneis- As always I have the "Crazy chick magnet" regardless of hair style it seems.

  11. OH, OH, OH, I WOULD of done just about anything back then for that Honda trail 70. I made it out of High school in 1975. One of my brother in laws had a vega. And the other had a lime green Maverick, with a 302 under the hood. And one of my sisters had a Gremlin. The other had a Morris Minor. What a hoot to drive, as long as it was dry outside. Some fond memories. Thanks.

  12. Flier389- I watched a guy take a header on the Trail 70 back then! Glad you are here and welcome!