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Monday, October 3, 2011

The torch is passed!

So after running another several hundred rounds thru the M&P, the stovepiping on reloads went away. It is an enjoyable Pistol to shoot! Brigid speaks of being alone on a range and the import that brings. I can do it about any time, but I enjoy the camaraderie as much as I enjoy the solitude. It is not really solitude. It is you and a machine that you must master. To do that you must master yourself. 

Besides, I don't get out much. 

My 1911 is now officially in semi-retirement. I may even put the original grips back on her. Brigid again shows me an M&P, so here is the Glamor Shot:


And just to show that wheel guns count equally here:

I will have another post on this as a fellow blogger asked what is on my other hip on a previous post. It is just as likely to have this on the other hip as another magazine for what is on the other. Hey! we are an equal opportunity employer here! The revolver is a Colt Detective Special.  


  1. Well two out of three ain't bad :-) Colts that is...

  2. Very nice. I really enjoy being with friends on the range. Nothing can beat that. However, there is a bit of introspection that can only be accomplished with you and your steel. I'm glad to hear the stove-piping stopped. I'm liking that M&P a lot.

  3. I don't think I could put my 1911 away. It is my favorite semi-auto pistol.

  4. NFO- So have you NEVER shot a S&W? Hell, I love my Colts too! =0

    ProudHillbilly- Thanks!

    45er- Thanks! I do enjoy friends on the range and I do get new friends there too. The M&P is impressing me so far. One reason? Its green and sticks out in the safe, LOL!

    Duke- I won't totally put the 1911 up. I love that gun! It will get its range and show and tell time during classes.

  5. Stove-piping usually is caused be improper grip or the shooter doesn't have the strength to maintain a firm grip.

    Sarge Hurricane, Utah