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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm so proud!

So my student from last months CCH class has been at the range every weekend since. Last week she showed up with one of these:

Ruger SR9c. She is still carrying the S&W Bodyguard, but has come to the semi auto world.

Today, she is back at the range again with her Stepfather, Mother, and Aunt. Mother and Aunt are observing. She wants to know If I want to shoot the Ruger. I say sure. Then she wants to shoot my M&P. OK!

Icing on the cake is that she has named her weapons and shoots both of them, AND is sporting this Tshirt:

I think my work here is done! I am so proud!


  1. I had the opportunity to shoot my buddy's Ruger SR9c and I loved it... had I shot that before I bought my Springfield, I might have made a different choice.

  2. Great job Keads. Looks like another well prepared person.

  3. Think of the positive impact you've made in this young woman's life. She's no longer a victim but a self reliant adult and now an ambassador for shooting, gun ownership and self defense who will undoubtedly pay it forward. You've affected not just her life but the lives of her family, present and future. It gives me chills.

  4. NFO- Thanks! I cannot say who benefited most from this interaction, her or me.

    SB- I DID like shooting that thing!

    GIA- Thanks!

    John- Yes indeed.

    Six- Again, I cannot say who benefited most from this interaction, her or me.

  5. Sweet! Good job!

    ...My hubby is partial to his first, the SP101. :)

  6. Brooke- SP101's are still here. They are great guns too!