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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am once again humbled. And exhausted!

To me, issuing one of these is a big deal. Note what the certificate states (click to well, you know):

The certificates are issued to me. The Statutes are well defined and explicit. Sumdude was selling these for 100 bucks each out of the back of his car at the Waffle House parking lot in Winston Salem some time ago. He got busted and deservedly so.  That cheapens what true instructors do, and more importantly denies people the import and training of what carrying a concealed handgun really means.

I spend all day with people from all walks of life, the motivations they have to give up a beautiful fall Sunday and spend money is profound to me. I will never get rich doing this. Today however was very rewarding, yet emotionally draining.

A young woman today, a Senior at NCSU was accompanied by her Stepfather (I said "GO WOLFPACK" to her and she immediately responded with the correct hand signs, LOL!). She and he told the tale as to why they were both here today. He, a very large man about 6'2" 230 lbs; she a very petite, 5" nothing and looked like she would blow away in a stiff wind. It is so very hard to hear these stories. I must maintain composure as they are spoken in class. Sadly I hear more than my fair share.

She has a restraining order on a former boyfriend that Stepfather says is bigger than he. After the boyfriend took an entire day to beat her at his leisure, she is here now today with one of these:

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .38. 

I am humbled. For someone to come thru that ordeal, speak of it in public and decide to take action against that ever happening again, I can only be in awe of that spirit. It again overwhelmed me today doing my admittedly pedestrian tasks at hand. God Bless her and her Stepfather. I wish the best to the young lady and her Stepfather. 

So after shooting the Bodyguard 40 rounds during qualification (I exceed State requirements and require weak hand only shooting as well), I allow students to shoot the remaining 10 rounds from a box of ammo if they would like to do so. She says she is done. I understand. That is not a pleasant handgun to shoot. I ask if she would like to shoot this:
A Colt Detective Special made before she was born. She had observed it in class, and remarked how much heavier it was than her .38. She smiled and said "yes please". I left my RSO in charge as I went to get it. 

She shot it and the smile from her face was my reward for the day! I told her that her gun is great for what it is and what it is designed for, but not a "fun" gun to shoot. Actually neither is the Colt, but far better than what she was shooting!
So for now I am here with guns that need to go to the safe, I need to get ready for the "real job" tomorrow and I am very happy for my student today and yet crying. I lament the loss of innocence.

I seem to meet the best people for all the wrong reasons.
I cannot cheapen what she went thru, but I hear too much of violence against good people in class. Sadly, for many that was the motivator for them to be there in the first place.  


  1. And you know what? The opponents of CCW will question "need" without fail.

    Naive. Unaware. Sheltered. Lucky.

  2. TJ- Well said!
    There is evil in this world and always will be. I would rather have proactive students than reactive students. I get both, and I applaud them equally. The stories I hear from reactive students leaves a mark on me. As you say: "Naive. Unaware. Sheltered. Lucky".

    As for many however, I cannot hold them at fault for what befell them. I know this to be true on many levels as it relates to domestic violence. I do stand up and cheer for those that even if they were in your ""Naive. Unaware. Sheltered. Lucky" categories before, they now stand up.

    It is profound and I am humbled as I say to do what I do for them.

    That is why I do what I do, but it comes at a cost. I hear the stories on why they are here. I lament that.

  3. God bless you for teaching her, and giving here some confidence.
    As long as there are goblins, people will NEED the tools and training to defend and protect them selves.
    Well done, sir!

  4. I hear the stories on why they are here. I lament that. Thanks for that Keads. Been there. The world needs more people like you.

  5. Been trying to figure out the right words to express how important your task is since I got your email on my phone last night. I might come up with words eventually, but it isn't my words that matter. It is your deeds and the positive impact you have on other's lives that matter.

    You are a catalyst for good.

  6. What North said. You are having an impact on people's lives way beyond a day at the range and a certificate. You gave that young lady her life back. Literally.

  7. Excellent story. It's stories like that that make you realize that you're having a positive effect and empowering someone. Congratz and kudos.

  8. drjim- Thanks for the encouragement. I logically should realize if I am in a classroom with people that have never shot a Firearm before (Basic Pistol), or are taking a CCH class, they have SOME motivating factor I am not aware of starting out. Thanks again!

    Deb- I am so sorry to hear that! Thanks for the kind words. I never thought I would hear of violence thrust upon people when I started this little venture, but I hear my fair share now.
    You seem to be a person much more suited to talking with my deceased Grandfather about the attributes of a Quarter Horse out back and running the pattern! Or in my face concerning a job estimate, LOL!

    North, Thanks. I needed to vent last night and here was the only option I had. Thanks my Friend.

    Six- Yes, I see that and thank you for putting it in such terms. I just needed for several reasons to let people know that there may be a underlying motivation to do this (instructor or student) that the public is not aware of. Your words mean much. As for me it does come at a cost. I have empathy for what that young woman went through.

    John- You took the class and have more insight than others here as to how I interact with students over the course of a day. Your comment means a great deal. Thanks.

  9. Keep it up, Keads. It is difficult to understand how someone can be victimized when you are on such high alert and (you think) prepared all of the time. Some people just want to live their lives and it is truly sickening that others want to take that liberty from them. Fortunately, they now understand how to take care of themselves.

  10. 45er- Your comment means a great deal. Very profound. Thanks. Well said.

  11. Strengthening the true meaning of our constitution's second amendment... that's what good firearms instructors do...

    I remember a police officer once saying (off-the-record) that a restraining order is only as good as the gun behind it...

    Dann in Ohio