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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stay safe at the range people!

I'm sure everyone has seen this making the rounds:

"A Bristol police officer was shot by his girlfriend at an indoor shooting range in Piney Flats on Monday, and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether the shooting was caused by “hot brass” falling down the woman’s shirt."  Story is here.

Ok, now for the rest of the story relayed to me by my operative in Johnson City TN. The news says he was shot by his girlfriend. This came as a surprise to the "girlfriends" husband I am told. I have not verified this yet, but it comes from a reliable source. 

Come on people! Be safe at the range ok? Think of the collateral damage too! 

And people wonder why I don't get involved with customers at the range! Duh! This is as good a reason as it gets! 


  1. I hope that my girlfriend doesn't shoot me...

  2. By "be safe at the range" do you mean...

    a) don't take another man's wife on a date shooting...


    b) make sure your gal's breasts are tucked in and buttoned up so hot brass won't fly in there and cuase her to shoot you in a panic...

    Just tryin' to think this through... you know... for safety's sake...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. North- I would not want to get shot with that Bodyguard either!

    GGGG- LOL! Can I take "D" all of the above?

  4. Definitely a Bad Day at the range!
    Before we were married, I took the Mrs out to the range one night. She was shooting my Kimber 1911, and hit one of the target hangar supports. The round came sailing back and smacked me in the upper lip, right under my nose.
    It felt like somebody hit me with a brick!
    We still joke about the night she "shot me", but even a ricochet can be dangerous!

  5. drjim- I caught a fragment during the charity shooting event last Christmas. Cracked my cheekbone. Just missed getting a stitch or two. Hurt like a SOB. You do have the story now to tell though!

  6. Oh, yeah, it knocked me for a loop. I told her to stop shooting, safe the gun, and put it down. She dropped the mag, racked the slide to clear the chamber, put the safety on, and set it down with the barrel facing downrange. Even though it I was hurting like h3ll, I was proud of her for doing it that way!
    I went to the restroom, and checked myself out, told the range people who asked if I want medical assistance (I declined, no broken teeth or visible blood!), and went back in the range and told her what happened. We packed up for the night, went home, and I put some ice on my lip.
    If getting hit with a flattened out round that's lost a lot of it's energy hurts like that, I don't think I'd ever care to actually get shot!

  7. That one isn't going to end well in ANY case... And I've caught a couple of ricochets and they DO hurt!!!

  8. Even if she was so badly dressed as to allow hot brass to fall down her top, WTF was she doing dithering with a loaded weapon.

    It should've been tabled until she was ready to use it.

  9. drjim, kudos for your wife! I was RSO for a charity match. I told the RO I had to go. Bleeding like a SOB. Can't scare the horses though. Went to the office. I had plenty of people to attend me. The Marine came in and advised to do anything possible to avoid a stitch to the face. I took his advice!

    NFO- I am told this WILL not go well as you say. Yeah they DO hurt!

    Brooke- I agree! Well said!

  10. Jeez, Belle and I watched a teenage girl wearing shorts, and cowboy boots of all things, dance a jig with a loaded pistol in her hand, when a spent cartridge landed in the top of her boot. Fortunately she immediately set the pistol on the bench. Come to think of it, Daddy was wearing flip flops.
    I think I'll be inspecting adjacent shooters clothing from now on, and requesting to move to a bench further away if they don't pass muster.

  11. kx59- You are wise! We RSO pretty aggressively at my home range, but it is indoor and we can see all 12 lanes.

    Have someone make the first shot ever and hit the target and swing around with that pistol and..... well you get the idea!