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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ok, I have had enough!

I understand the marketing tie in to Halloween but seriously! First we have this:

What's that for? This:

I was pretty astounded to see this from Brownells.

So I get it, but when you have the CDC and ACE hardware stores all over this too perhaps the meme has been worn out. 

And after that I really am giving the side eye to my Hornady press. I expected better.

If someone needs to tell me to "lighten up Francis" please do!


  1. It was inevitable. I'm just surprised it took them this long. I guess any day now we'll see the Taurus Chupacabra in 10 ga.

  2. Six- Shhhhh! From your lips to Taurus R&D!

  3. No "lighten-up" needed. You are spot-on with your analysis, this meme is played out.