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Monday, October 24, 2011

I do enjoy this!

Helping a friend commission a safe is a thing I truly enjoy.  This has been a long process. First, external security was addressed, motion lights, bushes, etc. Then we moved to perimeter physical security. Solid doors with good locks. Then the alarm system. Now this:

 Not the best safe out there, but not one of the worst either.


I am so happy that someone has joined the ranks to spend the time, money, and effort to protect what is theirs. 

Anyone have any advice on protecting the original boxes for the rifles? Won't fit in the safe, I am more worried about moisture or insect damage on these. 


  1. Yep, if you VALUE your weapons, it's only logical...

  2. I totally agree. Why spend that money on another gun that could just get stolen? I've been so happy since I got mine. I don't have to worry about them walking out the door even if someone does break in.

  3. A safe is a good investment, I keep guns as well as valuable papers in mine. I use a fireproof box to hold the papers, kind of a double insurance.

  4. If you want to keep the boxes they came in, why not try a climate controlled storage unit?

  5. I shrink wrap those things I want to preserve but are an odd enough size that I can't find a suitable water and insect tight container for.
    Check out Uline here;

    They have pretty much anything you'd need.

    I like your systematic approach to physical security. I'm trained in CPTED and used to teach it.

  6. If there is a nice, DRY basement, I would suggest storing the original boxes there. So long as the basement does not leak, the temp and humidity should remain consistent, as well as the lighting.

  7. NFO- You are correct!

    45er- So are you!

    Duke- Yes they are a wise investment. Just like alarms. I only install alarms AFTER someone has been robbed as a rule. I do have exceptions.

    KurtP- My friend has enough storage space to not worry about that option, but those do make a viable option.

    Six- Great idea! My friend lurks on the Blog and concurs! I know you teach CPTED. I would like to talk sometime with you.

    Brooke- That is available, and another option to consider. Thanks for the tip!