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Friday, May 23, 2014

Timing or Something

So my friend Brigid over at her Blog notes the arrival of a new camera. Wow. Congrats to her and I look forward to seeing what pops up in that viewfinder on her Blog soon! 

In what seems to be serendipitous, I too received a new camera and It is my first DSLR. Prior to that it was a storied Canon T50 that provided Kodachrome moments. Then the procession of pHD (Push Here Dummy) digital cameras. Now this:

It came with an 18-55 Zoom lens and next will be a macro. Because.  And yes I used a Canon SX130 to take a picture of a Nikon!

So leaving it in full auto I snapped some pics:



And a impromptu action shot! Its race weekend here and as usual, we need violent thunderstorms to wash the campers off at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Here is the hail from about 30 minutes ago. 

I hope my friend will enjoy her camera as much as I am going to enjoy this one! 



  1. Nice, but you've got WAY too many toys... Cars, cameras, guns... :-P

  2. He who dies with the most toys wins. Or something like that.