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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Incoming and out going!

This arrived today. A Zenith AM/FM radio. 

 I have done little with it so far. It does play however!

This is leaving! 

Yes the less than popular Model 670A among purists. I get that, the arugument is well made and sound lamenting the cost cutting measures with Winchester then. It's not a Model 70.  However...

This rifle is leaving to go back to its owner. He has had it since it was new. I don't care what the Interwebz pundits say. This rifle is important to me. Not a bad Weaver optic on it either. 


  1. That old Zenith brings back memories.

  2. Replies
    1. Looks to be a 1948 PH. I have not opened it up yet though.

  3. I had a 670 in '06 many years ago, its was a tack driver, even with the plain jane Weaver Marksman 4x scope on top. I regret now selling it, but I needed doors for house and I needed funds now, so . . .