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Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Aid! Active Shooter Class AAR

The usual gang of suspects show up at St. Francis Hospital to attend the "other Kelly's" class during the NRA-AM.  

He gave of his own time to do this and I am grateful for that. Yes, I get Red Cross Basic First Aid, AED, and CPR every year, but I must say having someone that has "been there, done that" brings a new level of knowledge.

I have to say this. I have instructed at the Community College level for over a decade. It is one thing to be a "subject matter expert". It is totally another thing and skill set to relay that information to others that sticks. Kelly rocks in that reguard! I am humbled at the teaching-fu he exhibited!

I now actually know what all this stuff is for and when and how to deploy it. 

Many thanks to Bound Tree Medical for the kit, Brownells for the munchies, St. Francis, and the associate instructors!


  1. Yep, good class, good instructor... :-)

  2. Good instructor, good students. Good time.

  3. Yes, it was an excellent class indeed. To repeat what ML and Old NFO said, great instructor and assistants , great students and a lot of important info imparted.

    1. Yes! It was worth getting up at 0' dark thirty =)

  4. Re tourniquets... If that black stick on yours is plastic, replace it with a metal one. The plastic ones break before you get sufficient tightening.

    And those are practically useless for thighs. Ratchet-type cargo straps are better. Real life tourniquets are difficult to tighten. small sticks like the Boy scouts taught you don't have the leverage and light materials like wood or plastic don't have the strength.