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Saturday, May 10, 2014


My friend Murphy's Law went to a car show today. Nice looking Mustangs on display to be sure! Thanks ML for the post. 

My first car was a Mustang. A 1971 Fastback my Father bought new. It's still here.  The original left side fender emblems are here on my desk.

On the other side of my office is this ad.

I even tried "Brand X" back in 1982 (Hi Karen! It's been a long time =).

Know what? I always came back to the Mustang. I am fortunate in that with a lot of help I have been able to still have these time machines. They have always got me home, sometimes despite my best efforts to prevent that from happening. 

So now they live in semi retirement. All but one is road ready, tagged, insured, and ready to go. 

My garage:

Although these vehicles give the illusion of freedom, it is just that. They require care and a support infrastructure much as a seafaring ship or an airplane. For a moment in time though, when your right foot goes to the floor that freedom is addictive and hard to ignore. It is a siren call that hopefully I can answer for some time to come. 

Things come and go. 

Here is the 1994 GT in front of a building that is long gone in the mountains of Southwest VA. The Courthouse and church in Independence VA. are still there. 

Thanks Murph for kicking the muse in tonight!

Another friend Old NFO went to the range today with some ponies as well. My favorite is the Colt Woodsman. Hey NFO! Need the instructions for it =) 

I guess I'm a sucker for stuff with a pony on it =) 




  1. I had a '65 Pony with the straight six .... still miss it.

    1. Shepard, I miss several still. They got me it seems.

  2. Nice line up! Of course we'll have to agree to disagree on cars... LOL I do need to find an instruction book for it, but I doubt that I'll ever find a box for it... sigh

    1. Hey! I never complained about sitting in "Brand X"! Beats walking =). There is a Caddy around here that I love and needs help.

  3. The only Mustang I had for any length of time was the '67 coupe I inherited from my Mom.

    289, 2V, C4 transmission with dual exhaust I installed after the single rotted out.

    Ran very well and got 20 MPG in the driving I did.

    Sadly, the entire car rotted out, to the point where my buddies were calling it my "Rustang".

    The one thing that scared me about it was that the top of the gas tank was the trunk floor. Nothing between your cargo and a tank of gas except a rubber mat!

    I cut some 1/2" marine grade plywood to fit, and stopped worrying about it.....

  4. Every time I see a vintage Mustang, I think of you.

  5. Thanks for showing us some of your world. Love the garage!

  6. Thanks MC! I really need to straiten it up =)

    1. If you do that, you'll never find anything....