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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Colt Collectors Association Convention

Even though some believe that Colt's turn the wrong way, some have asked via email and the book of face about the particulars for this years convention. Link here. Yeah, I'm going! I sorta have to ya know. Its close and I only get to use this thing at the convention. 

Tricked out name badge, 1 ea.!

Yeah there are a couple of pedestrian Colt's around here


  1. Damn... If I wasn't going to be out of the country, I'd bum couch space... sigh

    1. Damn it NFO! Of all the people I know I think you would enjoy it. Well since you are the most interesting man on the planet, I'm sure you have been to one or two! =)

      I am willing to put people up here in "stately manor"! Concord is not that far away for me.

  2. I was at the 1998 convention in Denver. The only time a TDY overlapped with any thing remotely interesting.

    Things I saw there: Colt Model 1860, S/N 1 as in ONE!
    A SAA with documentation from Colt to Army to 7th Cavalry. Then affidavits from the owner and his father proving position by Lakota natives since at least the 1890s.
    Both were going up for auction the following month. Both were expected to fetch 6 figures.